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What you will get from SugarCRM
  This system will help you:
  - automate your business
  - increase production of your work
  - have and easy and fast access to your clients data 

 SugarCRM performs functions CRM, SFA (Sales Force Automation), and partially BI  (Business Intelligence). 

Official site:
We will make your business better!
World brands have been using SugarCRM for a long time now.

Among them are:

 Yahoo - international internet-company.
 NASA Ames Research - NASA's research center.
 Starbucks - world's largest chain of coffee shops.
 BDO Seidman - international consulting firm. 
 First Federal Bank - large American Bank.
 Coca-Cola Enterprise, AXA Rosenberg and thousands more companies all over the world. 

Advantages of SugarCRM

- SugarCRM is an open-source software gives programmers opportunity ideally to set up CRM for individual businesses.
- Available is a free version of Sugar Community Edition. 
- In SugarCRM there is a possibility to create your own modules.
- Setting SugarCRM doesn't require much. It's enough to rent any hosting (Apache, PHP, MySQL).
- SugarCRM is multi-platform and works in systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris Sparc.
- SugarCRM supports many languages of the world.

Our SugarCRM developers will do everything needed to improve your business productivity.

How to start working with SugarCRM
1. You need hosting or your own web server with the following tools: Apache, PHP, MySQL or MSSQL;
2. Download SugarCRM at the offical website;
3. Follow the instructions to install SugarCRM;
4. Customize SugarCRM for your business.

SugarCRM version 6.7
SugarCRM 7.0 release date August 2013

Write a dashlet that uses an external data source: the Football World Cup dashlet
During the Sugar 7 Developer training sessions, the attendees often asked for more code samples to get up to speed writing dashlets. This blog provides a good template that could be used when writing a dashlet that will pull data from an external source. Quick start The dashlet is available for free on Github […]
Date: 2014-06-27 08:24:23

How to avoid logging out a user when using their credentials via the new REST API
I had this question come from a partner this week… Users can’t maintain their two sessions of Sugar (One via the REST API,В and the other their Sugar Instance) at the same time. Signing in to either one will always result to the session expiration of the other one This is mostly because the Sugar 7 […]
Date: 2014-06-20 20:08:37

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